Jump between test files and implementation in Vim

One thing I was still missing a little bit after switching from IntelliJ to Vim was being able to quickly switch between the file I am working in and the related test file. Or, if there is no test file yet, create it easily. In IntelliJ this is as easy as hitting <S-CMD-t> on mac.

With Vim we can recreate that with vim-projectionist, which is a plugin to

"provide[s] granular project configuration".


Add the plugin to .vimrc with your plugin manager or directly.

Plug 'tpope/vim-projectionist'

Add some nice shortcut to execute the :A alternate command.

" go test
nnoremap <Leader>gt :A<CR>

Add a .projections.json config file to your project root. Mine is as simple as:

  "src/*.tsx": {
    "alternate": "src/{}.test.tsx"
  "src/*.test.tsx": {
    "alternate": "src/{}.tsx"
  "src/*.ts": {
    "alternate": "src/{}.test.ts"
  "src/*.test.ts": {
    "alternate": "src/{}.ts"

This specifies for which matching files alternates can be found, and at what path they can be found in.


keystrokes: <leader>gt

And if it does not exist yet, it prompts you to create the file. This works in both directions.